Building Instructions


1) PLEASE STUDY THE BUILDING INSTRUCTION PICTURES BEFORE YOU START!!!, note that the parts on the pictures are samples only of how to    construct them together, they are not propper cleaned / sanded!

2) Wash all resin parts with dish soap!

3) Use the right tools to work with and check all parts before you remove any film /support to prevent unnecessary damage!

4) Clean / sand all parts very gently and test fit all parts before glueing!

5) Some part(s) can have a slight bend which is very common with resin, this can be solved very easy by dipping the part(s) in a cup of hot ( boiled ) water for just a moment, the resin will become a bit soft so it then can be straighten witout any issue, the same is for possible parts to make them fit better.

6) It can happen that a part(s) might need an additional way to fit which might involves some cutting or add on of either a piece of plastic or styrene.

7) We advise to use Tamiya Fine Surface Primer as a basis for all parts, you can then paint / weather the model by using your favorite      brand(s) according to your wish.

                Panzer IV 88mm L/71

            Marine Flak Twin 5cm

                           81mm L/105

                           Steyr RSO AFV


       3,7cm Flakvierling 43 "Gewitter"


                          TNH 57/900


         Tiger 1 Panzer-Gunnery-Schule in Putlos / Defence Bunker

KV-1 203mm U19

                            Jagdtiger 1

Toon Assault Sherman