1) PLEASE STUDY THE BUILDING INSTRUCTION PICTURES BEFORE YOU START!!!, note that the parts on the pictures are samples only of how to    construct them together, they are not propper cleaned / sanded!

2) Wash all resin parts with dish soap!

3) Use the right tools to work with and check all parts before you remove any film /support to prevent unnecessary damage!

4) Clean / sand all parts very gently and test fit all parts before glueing when it is Required!!!!!

5) Some part(s) can have a slight bend which is very common with resin, this can be solved very easy by using a Hair Dryer or by dipping the part(s) in a cup of hot ( boiled ) water for just a moment, the resin will become a bit soft so it then can be straighten witout any issue, the same is for possible parts to make them fit better.

6) It can happen that a part(s) might need an additional way to fit which might involves some cutting or add on of either a piece of plastic or styrene.

7) We advise to use a Good and Strong Primer which Holds on Resin as a basis for all parts, you can then paint / weather the model by using your favorite brand(s) according to your wish.

                Panzer IV 88mm L/71

            Marine Flak Twin 5cm

                           81mm L/105

                           Steyr RSO AFV


       3,7cm Flakvierling 43 "Gewitter"


                          TNH 57/900


         Tiger 1 Panzer-Gunnery-Schule in Putlos / Defence Bunker

KV-1 203mm U19

                            Jagdtiger 1

Toon Assault Sherman

Sherman T1E3 Mine Roller

Mörserträger auf Panzer 38(t) Ausf. M

1/10 Bust US Soldier with Dog Chemical Warfare Training

5cm Kampfwagenkanone 39 L/60 auf Sockellafette

Assault Sherman Cast Hull

Sherman T33 Flame Thrower Turret

8x2cm AP "Sieve"

Bren Carrier with French75mmM1897

Maus 1-Man KleinpanzerKampfwagen

Long Wheel Base Jeep